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Andrew J Scott, Founding Partner (based in London & San Francisco) Andrew has over 20 years of experience across internet and mobile technologies, he’s founded 6 tech startups and has advised hundreds more. He’s also the Co-Founder of The ICE List, a not-for-profit group of 250+ startup Founders. Specialisms include: D2C, social & market networks and B2B SaaS. Read more>


Andrew Gault, General Partner (based in San Francisco). Andrew is an active Angel Investor who is passionate about AI and VR. As CTO and Co-Founder of Gaikai, Andrew led the company to $380 million acquisition by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2012. Specialism include: AR/VR, video tech and gaming. Read more>


7percent also has a network of Venture Partners and 7EVN (the 7 Entrepreneur Venture Network) which is our platform of advisors, comprising Specialists, experienced Founders, and Corporate Executives at the disposal of our portfolio companies.