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7EVN (the 7 Entrepreneur Venture Network) is our platform of advisors and alumni, comprising Specialists (people with deep knowledge in a specific area), experienced Founders/CxOs and Corporate leaders, all at the disposal of our portfolio companies.


Andrew J Scott, Founding Partner – based in London & San Francisco
20 years in technology, founder of 6 startups; investor since 2014.

As founder launched the world’s first location based social network (Playtxt 2001; patented), online digital news archive (BritishPathe.com, 2002), trust graph/recommendation engine using machine learning (Rummble, 2007; patented). In-between did strategy consulting for VCs and Corporates including Astra Zeneca, AT&T and Alcatel Lucent.

Andrew is also co-founder of ICE, a non-profit global network of tech founders and investors, established in 2009.

Specialisms include: D2C, social & market networks, B2B SaaS and quantum computing. Read more>


Andrew Gault, Founding Partner – based in San Francisco
Tech Startup Founder with 20 years in technology; investor since 2012

Ex-CTO with 14 patents issued & 28 filed. Started life at the European Space Agency, then co-founded GAIKAI in 2008 raising $45m from Benchmark, NEA and Intel; exiting to Sony for $380m. A Scotsman living on the West Coast since 2008, Andrew has an extensive Silicon Valley network.

Specialisms include: AR/VR, robotics, video tech/computer imaging and gaming. Read more>

Duncan Grierson

Duncan Grierson, Venture Partner – based in London
21 years in technology as an entrepreneur & VC, founder/co-founder of 4 startups, Duncan has raised over $100m from Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and others. He was previously Investment Director at Thompson Clive & Partners (Paris, London, Silicon Valley), Vice President at Lake Capital (Chicago) and Head of VC at Iona Capital (London).

With a BA/MA from Cambridge University and MBA from INSEAD, France, Duncan started his career as private equity lawyer with Clifford Chance in London & Frankfurt.

Specialisms include: AI, Energytech, IoT and smart cities. Read more>

Ivailo Jordanov

Ivailo Jordanov, Venture Partner, Blockchain & Crypto – based in London
17 years in technology as an entrepreneur founding and investing in multiple companies, ranging from ad-tech, online real estate family tech and fintech.
Ivailo has been involved with blockchain and crypto since the early days of Bitcoin.

Specialisms include: Blockchain tech, Crypto, Mobile and Ad-tech. Read more>