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7EVN (the 7 Entrepreneur Venture Network) is our platform of advisors and alumni, comprising Specialists (people with deep knowledge in a specific area), experienced Founders/CxOs and Corporate leaders, all at the disposal of our portfolio companies.


Andrew J Scott, Founding Partner – based in London & San Francisco
20 years in technology, founder of 6 startups; investor since 2014.

As founder launched the world’s first location based social network (Playtxt 2001; patented), online digital news archive (BritishPathe.com, 2002), trust graph/recommendation engine using machine learning (Rummble, 2007; patented). In-between did strategy consulting for VCs and Corporates including Astra Zeneca, AT&T and Alcatel Lucent.

Andrew is also co-founder of ICE, a non-profit global network of tech founders and investors, established in 2009.

Specialisms include: D2C, social & market networks, B2B SaaS and quantum computing. Read more>


Andrew Gault, Founding Partner – based in San Francisco
Tech Startup Founder with 20 years in technology; investor since 2012

Ex-CTO with 14 patents issued & 28 filed. Started life at the European Space Agency, then co-founded GAIKAI in 2008 raising $45m from Benchmark, NEA and Intel; exiting to Sony for $380m. A Scotsman living on the West Coast since 2008, Andrew has an extensive Silicon Valley network.

Specialisms include: AR/VR, robotics, video tech/computer imaging and gaming. Read more>

Duncan Grierson

Duncan Grierson, Venture Partner – based in London
21 years in technology as an entrepreneur & VC, founder/co-founder of 4 startups, Duncan has raised over $100m from Goldman Sachs, Fidelity and others. He was previously Investment Director at Thompson Clive & Partners (Paris, London, Silicon Valley), Vice President at Lake Capital (Chicago) and Head of VC at Iona Capital (London).

With a BA/MA from Cambridge University and MBA from INSEAD, France, Duncan started his career as private equity lawyer with Clifford Chance in London & Frankfurt.

Specialisms include: AI, Energytech, IoT and smart cities. Read more>

Ivailo Jordanov

Michael Loehr, Venture Partner – based in Munich, Germany
10 years in cleantech/mobility as engineer and consultant and 8 years in mobility/transportation as founder and last-mile logistics pioneer. As founder and managing director of tiramizoo, a Munich-based same-day delivery and last-mile technology company, he raised money from VCs and strategic investors like Shell, Daimler and DPD. The company now operates successfully in Europe and Southeast Asia.

With a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Nuremberg Institute of Technology Michael started his career as research engineer at the fuel cell company Ballard Power Systems (Stuttgart, Vancouver) and worked as consultant for E4tech (Lausanne, London), a consulting firm focusing on sustainable energy.

Specialisms include: Supply chain digitization, urban logistics, B2B SaaS and cleantech.Read more>

Ivailo Jordanov

Ivailo Jordanov, Venture Partner, Blockchain & Crypto – based in London
17 years in technology as an entrepreneur founding and investing in multiple companies, ranging from ad-tech, online real estate family tech and fintech.
Ivailo has been involved with blockchain and crypto since the early days of Bitcoin.

Specialisms include: Blockchain tech, Crypto, Mobile and Ad-tech. Read more>